About Me

Meet Bob Gunther, the founder/artist of Fine Wood Artistry.

I've spent a long time contemplating what type of artist I am, what my artistic vision is, how my philosophy is embodied by my work. Turns out I'm a perfectionist and I enjoy making beautiful objects that you can treasure for a lifetime. I begin by looking at a piece of wood, noting its colour and grain, its texture, its uniqueness. I turn it in my hands, watching how the light changes the wood's character and contemplating what function might suit it best - an object of adornment, of decoration, of purpose. 

As I begin to fashion the piece I become intimately invested in the process of shaping, refining, sanding, colouring, finishing. Each step requires my full attention. As the piece nears completion, the inherent, natural beauty in the wood becomes readily apparent. Hand made quality and craftsmanship in regional and exotic woods, cut to size, shaped by hand and machine, sanded, then finished and polished. One-of-a-kind wearable wood art jewelry, accessories and more. Useable. Wearable. Art.